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How To Create a Home Gym

September 21, 2020

Gyms may be opening back up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue working out at home! Instead of paying hefty gym membership prices and dealing with overcrowded spaces, it may be much easier to create your own home gym instead. With all the space and time you need, you can create your very own gym set-up with all the equipment you need, making sure you never miss leg or arms day. To help you set up your own gym area that is inexpensive and easy to create, we have included the very best and most effective gym workout equipment pieces that you can use at home. Find out below the four apparatus pieces we love and recommend:

1. Kettlebells

Kettlebell weights are essentially an all in one gym, and the best part about it, is that it’s super easy to DIY at home, all within two minutes! 

A brilliant way to increase full body strength, lose weight and target core muscles, it’s no wonder that more and more people are including this piece of equipment within their workouts. Kettlebells are widely available online in many different weights therefore they are super easy to source, have delivered and super easy to maintain at home. It is worth investing in a few different sizes, allowing you to create a custom routine that involves all parts of your body, to ensure you are toning and exercising everything from your head to your toes!

Building a collection of kettlebells may not be the cheapest gym equipment that you can source, especially when you consider expanding your collection beyond one or two bells. Instead, you can create your own DIY set with items you may already have at home…

  1. Baked beans – equivalent to 2.5kg kettlebell
  2. Washing detergent – 5kg kettlebell
  3. Suitcase filled with items you have lying around – 10kg kettlebell

Whatever you have lying around at home can be used to replicate the weight you would normally lift at the gym so that you can begin incorporating this gym equipment within your home workout routines. Kettlebells work as a perfect all rounder so be sure to take advantage of the nifty tool!

2. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a great way of tricking your body into thinking you’re doing weights by using the resistance of the material, helping you with strength training. Not just for beginners and not just for women, resistance bands are a very useful tool when looking to tone and create muscle whilst also burning calories. The best thing about these little bands, is that they can be used anywhere at any time, so whether you’re chilling in the garden, or watching a movie, it is easy to use resistance bands any time. 

Made of elastic material, resistance bands can come straight, with attached handles, or form into a loop depending on what you prefer to work on. These bands can be wrapped around your thighs, arms or be tucked underneath your feet and pulled up via your biceps.

Lightweight, easy to use and inexpensive, resistance bands are the perfect piece of gym equipment to incorporate into your home gym workout routine in order to train your whole body. In order to learn how to use these versatile bands as best as possible, pop onto YouTube or follow your favourite fitness influencer as there are several videos that will help steer you in the right direction!

3. Pull up bar

A staple piece of home equipment has to be the pull up bar. Depending on the available areas within your home, there are several ways you can mount a pull up bar that will help you with your upper body strength and help you build muscle. 

As the backbone of a good workout, the pull up bar focuses primarily on the back muscles, but can also help shape more toned arms and shoulders. This versatile piece of equipment is also perfect to carry out chin-ups, which is essentially a pull-up with an underhand grip!

In order to find the best way to mount a pull-up bar, there are several methods of doing so including:

  • Doorway pull-up bar
  • Wall- mounted pull-up bar
  • Ceiling mounted pull-up bar

These three methods differ according to what type of bar would work the best within your home. A simple YouTube tutorial will teach you how these pull-up bars can be mounted in no time and then you can start training instantly!

4. Punching bag

The last home gym equipment that is sure to have your whole body working out is the legendary boxing bag, otherwise known as the punching bag. Incredible for your cardiovascular fitness, your muscle endurance and muscular strength, the boxing bag has many benefits to it. Boxing as an exercise workout will have you working the upper and lower body, along with your core. The fat burning HIIT nature of the workout will ensure that you will tone and grow muscle in no time. 

A fun and exciting way to engage in exercise, the boxing bag can be mounted on your garden wall, or you can even invest in a boxing bag that doesn’t require being drilled into a wall, but rather stands alone. That way, you can include this gym apparatus within your home, or within the garden, whatever is best for you!

All that is required to carry out a workout involving a punching bag, is the bag itself and a pair of boxing gloves to ensure the safety of your hands and arms and then you can start perfecting your workout routine. Therefore even if you are a beginner to home workouts, the punching bag can be a great way to start a home workout routine that provides enough cardio and muscle training to excuse you from never going to the gym again!

So there you have it! Our four favourite pieces of home gym equipment that will have you saying goodbye to the gym in favour for creating your own home gym anywhere in the home or garden. All these pieces of equipment are easy to find, source and set-up and are totally worth investing in!

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