Home Workouts that are Good for Cardio and Muscle Training.

April 24, 2020

Now that we are all spending more time than usual in our homes, adjusting fitness routines and workouts can be a difficult task.  It’s easy to become frustrated and demotivated when it comes to finding new workouts that work with your new and adjusted routine and easily to fall into the trap of not exercising at all. However, to help boost your mental health, keep your body fit and to stay healthy, we have researched the most effective and easiest home exercise routines that you can do at anytime and anywhere in the house! We have chosen a variety of cardio and strength training that can be done minimal equipment so have a read below!



Burpees are an excellent fat-blaster and can keep you active and toned if done correctly. Having a reputation for being hard work, burpees truly do put your fitness to the test. Essentially, a burpee consists of moves that make your body a toned superstar as it trains virtually every muscle in your body. This includes your abs, thighs, butt and triceps! Moving all parts of your body, the burpee sends your heart rate soaring and makes for a brilliant, calorie burning and muscle building workout.

To do the perfect burpee is crucial in making sure that every part of your body is participating in the workout. To begin, you must start with feet shoulder-width apart and your feet firmly planted on the floor. Move your body into a squat position by bending your knees and pushing your hips back and hold for a few seconds. To move into the third position, place your hands on the floor in front of you and shift your weight onto your hands whilst you jump your feet backwards and move into a plank position. Make sure to keep your plank position as tight as possible, with your body forming a straight line from head to heel. Hold for a few seconds and jump back up into starting position and repeat.

The burpee is a straight forward and brilliant way to burn calories whilst also toning your body. Be sure begin lightly by doing around 10/15 burpees a day as to not strain your body and gradually build up your strength to allow you to do more.



Skipping is super easy workout to do at home and plus, its super fun! Needing only a skipping rope for equipment, this little exercise is an incredible fat burner that is great for a home cardio workout. Whether in the garden, in the living room, or even the kitchen, you can do this task anywhere!

Be sure to pick a skipping rope that works with your height; to ensure that it is the perfect length, a quick test you can do is stand on the rope in the middle of the cord and measure the ends of the jump rope to come up to your armpits.

To create the most effective skipping routine, start slowly by jumping once every time the rope comes down or jogging on the spot whilst skipping. These are two methods you can use when doing your routine. Whilst performing your skipping exercise, allow most of the movement to come from your wrist, rather than your whole arms as this is poor form.

Start building your strength by doing 20 minute workouts first and once this becomes easier to perform, feel free to go longer!


Jumping Jacks

Get your heart pumping and your body moving by performing the jumping jack. Targetting not only your arms legs, but your core and shoulders too, the jumping jack may seem like a humble exercise but it’s a good one! Great as a cardiovascular exercise and cardio, this exercise can be performed by itself or as part of a longer routine.

To perform the jumping jack correctly,  start by standing with your arms by your side and your feet hip-width apart. Jump off the ground, simultaneously spreading your legs and lifting your arms. The trick now is to ensure your body has to get back into the middle starting position before touching the ground again. A little tip; stay light on your toes as this will help you to jump more easily!

Complete this action 25 times to begin with and continue for longer once you can!



The mighty plank is a renowned exercise move that has caused attention for good reason. With its ability to strengthen your abdominal region, your glutes, thighs, arms and shoulders, this super simple move can be done anywhere at any time in any type of clothing!

As a great muscle toner, the plank can be super effective if done properly. First find a solid surface and lie on your front with hands settled into fists. Position your elbows into your sides by your ribs and have your forearms on the floor and toes tucked under. You then simply push your bodyweight u so that its resting on your forearms and feet and your body is perfectly straight from head to heel. Squeeze the muscles in your bottom and tighten your core to get the most out of your plank and continuously check to make sure that your body is completely straight. It may help to have a mirror next to you!

Although the plank seems deceptively easy, it is hard to keep in a straight plank position for long, so start by aiming for three sets of 30 seconds with a minutes rest in between. Once you have mastered this, feel free to add on more sets!


Pilates moves

Although looking deceptively simple, a Pilates workout holds numerous benefits. As this exercise can be carried out by anyone, man, woman, old or young, no matter what your age or physical ability, Pilates can benefit anyone. There are many different modifications and possible exercises that can be done within a Pilates workout and has the ability to be adapted to fit an individual’s needs.

Pilates at its core, is a form of exercise that uses controlled movements that are designed to improve physical strength, posture and flexibility. The movements help sculpt your body and help you to build a toner body. Pilates is also great for your posture, with its back and ab strengthening moves.

Pilates also holds many other benefits including teaching you the best way to breathe. With deep breathing an important part of the Pilates workout, this provides your body with more oxygen and thus increases your energy levels. The results are, by the end of your routine, you will find yourself positively destressed, more relaxed and more energised!

Find your perfect Pilates workout online, via the many videos that are dedicated to the exercise on YouTube!

For a little help on getting your form right and some motivation, have a look at our workout videos below!