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How To Boost Your Gym Motivation

February 27, 2020
man running on a treadmill

Exercising is widely recognised as the most popular New Year’s Resolution. Whether it’s that initial session or keeping consistent when you’re 3 months into exercising, gym motivation remains a constant struggle. In order to combat this, we have compiled 7 ways to keep yourself going back to the treadmill, dumbells and rowing machine.

Have a gym induction

To help you get into the exercise groove, sometimes you have to trick yourself into it wiping out any excuses in the process – one way to do that is to cement in time with a personal trainer. 

Not only will a personal trainer be there to encourage you on the way, their expertise will help you to carve out a tailored workout plan to your body in line with what you want to achieve. 

Measuring progress is key particularly as any physical improvements tend to become less obvious around the 3-month mark.

Get a gym buddy to motivate you

Having a fitness buddy with you in the gym initiates accountability. If you have an exercise that requires two people, such as spotting a friend on the bench press, then it won’t only be your own workout you’ll be skipping out on – it’ll be your buddy too.

With a workout partner helping you keep on track, not only is their presence helpful in going for that final rep, it also becomes more of a social outing.

Group training is also a great way to help improve your gym motivation for similar reasons – there are many classes put on by gyms across the country.

Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself is crucial when looking to improve gym motivation. Rest is, of course, an integral part of the exercise – it’s what inevitably leads to progress as your muscles recuperate and grow. 

That means a TV binge after a hard workout is warranted. Take the time to relax.

Protein is an essential for exercise recovery – you’ll find 9-10g of protein in every TREK Bar that comes in a wonderful variety of flavours and is comprised of 100% natural ingredients. Buy a TREK bar now!

Find new exercises

Enjoy your time in the gym by taking part in new exercises and changing up your routine. 

There’s nothing worse than getting bored with the same set of workouts. Switch it up with boxing, yoga or spinning – there’s always something new to try. This way, you get a chance to take a break from the monotonous exercise routines that can become uninspiring and inject a bit of fun into your workout. 

You may even gain a new hobby in the process!

Take before and after photos

Nothing quite beats seeing the results of the tireless hours spent in the gym. What better way to do this than to take before and after pics. In order to track your progress, it is worth taking an updated photo every three months in the same pose and see the results form in front of your eyes!

Make the time to be motivated 

It is easy to blame a lack of time or busy workloads on not going to the gym. However, in order to swerve this excuse, set a time and put this into your diary to serve as a reminder. Ideal times to book gym into your schedule tend to be first thing in the morning to get those endorphins running for the day, or even during lunch or straight after work. Study your schedule to see what works best for your calendar.

Set a goal

It is always important to keep in mind your end goal, whatever that may be. Whether it’s toning up for an upcoming holiday, a wedding or even if it’s to become a little healthier in your day-to-day, a goal will help with motivation.

Making small goals along the way that are achievable will help get you to your end goal and allow you to see the result of your hard work!

Using these simple tips will help you get on your way of being a true gym regular and help you to achieve your ultimate fitness goals. Remember to take it slow! Taking small steps each day will ensure you don’t tire yourself out and help you achieve your end target. In using this strategy, you’ll surely succeed. Good luck!

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