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5 Biggest Fitness Trends Of 2020

February 28, 2020
Man sat on a bench in running shoes

Now firmly in the new decade, it’s important to look ahead to 2020! The previous decade housed the rise and fall of many different health and fitness trends including Crossfit, HIIT training and AntiGravity yoga. As ever, the fitness world continues to change as new exercises and workout routines are discovered. 

We’ve rounded up the key fitness trends that look set to define 2020. So whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or looking to shake up your current workout routine, take these exciting new trends into consideration!

Diversifying your exercise routine

Covering different exercise types within your workout routine makes for a richer progression. Now, there are a growing number of ways you can complete core exercises, aerobic exercise and strength training.

With the likes of HIIT workouts, cycling, and swimming becoming more popular, gyms have seized on the opportunity to make these workouts more accessible while also exploring new techniques including cryotherapy and flotation tanks. 

The Louisa Drake Method based in London, for instance, holds several different classes including the LDM Shape Changer. The exercise is a fresh style of exercise involving a total body workout featuring dance-cardio and ‘sculpting’; there are plenty of new techniques out there!

Fitness and Mental health

Staying on top of your fitness is no longer limited to your physical body, but is now also applied to mental well-being too. With psychological health becoming an increasingly important issue in society, there has been a rise in workouts that place mindfulness meditation at the centre of its programs.

Workout studios such as Another Space based in London now offer sessions on breathwork as part of their weekly classes. These workouts concentrate on self-exploration via breathing techniques in order to restore mental, physical and emotional equilibrium.

These classes are being introduced as a method to help prevent burnouts, stress control and boost productivity. In order to get your body feeling the best it can, it’s important to also eat well! TREK bars contain 9-10g of natural protein and serve as a fantastic post-workout snack.

Group Workout Classes

Group workout classes have always had a certain appeal due to its ability to combine social elements with a fitness workout to make for a more engaging and fun session. This appeal is set to rise with community workouts gaining popularity in 2020 due to three crucial reasons.

  1. Motivation: One great thing about being in a group setting is becoming energised in a community setting. Watching peers partake in exercising will have an inspiring impact on you to improve your current fitness level. Taking part in group exercises classes will provide you with the gym motivation you need.
  2. Qualified fitness expert at your disposal: All group fitness classes are led by a professional who not only steers the session but is also on hand to help ensure that you are working out correctly without injuring your body. It’s the next best thing to having a personal trainer!
  3.  Variety of workout: When left to our own devices, workouts are quick to become boring and you soon see yourself doing the same thing over again. Participating in a group workout allows you to be exposed to a plethora of activities such as yoga to boxing to hip-hop dancing.

A small study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found that people who regularly engage in group fitness classes enjoyed an increase in emotional and physical quality of life compared to those exercising regularly alone. 

Functional Training

Functional fitness has been a topic of interest for a few years and 2020 is no exception. 

This training technique is built to introduce strength, mobility and balance into the routine to help improve the activities of daily living without injuries. A squat, for example, is considered a functional exercise because it can mimic the action of picking something up from the floor.

A great thing about functional workouts is that it can be done anywhere at any time whether you’re at home or the gym. No tools are required to perform this type of workout making it an easy, simple and effective exercise routine. 

Fitness Technology

Technology has been at the forefront of exercise workouts for the past few years with the advent of fitness apps, activity trackers and workout libraries all providing detailed means of tracking progress.

Now with further personalisation on apps that are able to cater to each individual and their needs and wants, technology within the fitness industry is growing ever larger. 2020 will most likely see the making of even more playful fitness apps and fun classes that utilise technology for a better user experience. This will most likely include VR technology, wearable technology and fun apps that are focused on certain types of routines such as HIIT training and VR gyms!

Wearable fitness technology saw its most significant growth in 2019 meaningmore companies are experimenting in the field which may lead to an increase in new technology developments throughout 2020. Keep your eyes peeled on the TREK health and fitness blog for more.

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