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June 5, 2020
Ceramic jars on pantry shelf

Eating clean and vegan can be hard to keep up, especially when most of your shopping list consists of only fresh produce! Stocking your cupboard with sustainable and non-perishable plant based foods could be your answer if you find yourself scrambling to make a healthy meal. We have created a super list of fun vegan recipes for meals and snacks that have a long shelf life, helping you create great meals throughout the week!


VEGAN TACOS: Who said you need to give up gorgeous flavours and cuisines on a vegan diet?! Try out vegan tacos for a super fun and spicy meal! Made up predominantly of black beans, this meal can be made from your non-perishable stash of beans you probably have stacked away! Stocking up on the likes of beans, peas, lentils and soybeans are the perfect ingredients to grab a hold of. High in nutrition, low in fat and high in iron and magnesium, these are good to add into any meal, especially your vegan tacos!

CHILLI SIN CARNE: A lovely little treat to indulge in, chilli sin carne is a hearty meal that is made up of mostly non-perishable foods, meaning you can have a lot of these ingredients in your cupboards for a while before you decide to use them. Perfect for a last minute meal! Made up of rice which is low in fat, low in cholesterol, high in starch, and has a high nutritional content, this is a great sustainable meal to rustle up.

VEGAN PALEO PIZZA: Made up of an intriguing cauliflower base, this paleo pizza is a fabulous plant-based protein meal, made up of several sustainable ingredients that last a while in the pantry and takes very little time to cook up making it super healthy and easy! To make for a crunchy topping, this pizza is served with golden flax seeds and cashew nuts. Nuts are a great go-to when you need extra energy and have a long shelf life. Try something a little different and try out peanut butter and almonds that can either be bought in the freshest form in sealed jars or even in powder form.


HUMMUS & VEGGIES: Hummus and veggies are the perfect savoury snack to indulge in, and super quick to rustle up. Rich in fibre, healthy fats and vitamins B & C, this is not only a super delicious treat but also great for your body! To keep your snacks as sustainable as possible, pair your hummus with freeze-dried or dehydrated vegetables. These last a considerably long time and are brilliantly healthy to add into your meals, making for a plant-based protein wonder. If your fresh produce takes up too much fridge space or goes bad too quickly, it is best to look in the freezer aisle for your everyday veggies.

TREK BARS: A TREK bar is the perfect healthy snack to add into your pantry. With tonnes of plant-based protein, gluten free oats, fruits and nuts, these little treats are perfect for whether you’re running for the train or for the gym! With around 9-10 grams of protein in each bar, these are not only long lasting, but super healthy and delicious! We have a great range of flavours, including peanut power & cocoa chaos for a sweet treat. Find out why we add protein into our bars and just why protein is so important (especially within a vegan meal).

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CANNED FRUITS: Although fresh fruit only lasts for a few days, canned fruits retain much of their Vitamin C and last for a much longer time. Invest in some canned peaches, pears or even cranberries, as there is a whole selection to choose from. If you are looking to keep your calorie intake low, be sure to find canned fruits that contain no added syrups. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a sweet but healthy treat, canned fruits sometimes include a little sweetener to make for a nice dessert.

So there is our list for the best meals and snacks to indulge in if you’re carrying out a vegan diet! Majority of the ingredients in each recipe are perfect to keep in the pantry for a while, and will still come out being delicious and versatile. It is worth investing in this list as you no longer need to worry about cooking up ingredients before they go off! Find out what other brilliantly easy vegan foods there are that are perfect to add to your fridge in our article. If you’re interested in finding out more about nutrition, why not check out our Making Nutrition Simple blog?