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The Amazing Health Benefits of Cycling

February 17, 2022
man in orange jacket cycling by a river

If you’ve been off the bike for some time, it can be hard to remember how enjoyable cycling can be. It’s fun, it connects you to the environment and most importantly, it’s free (minus your initial investment). Once you have purchased your bike, the only other costs to cycling are maintenance and replacement of parts. This makes it a cheap exercise choice that is great for people who are on a budget or starting out with fitness as a new year’s resolution. Cycling is increasingly becoming a social activity as well, so while you are exercising, you may even make some new friends along the way. Here are 10 reasons why we think it’s time you get back on your bike!

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  1. Cycling is great for your heart – according to a study carried out by the British Medical Association, cycling 20 miles a week reduces the potential to develop heart disease by 50%! So even if you cycle your commute, you’re well on your way to living a healthier life.
  2. Cycling is also good for your brain – in the same way you can train your muscles, you can train your brain. Increased blood flow to the brain makes it work better as you’re feeding it with more oxygen!
  3. Regular cycling improves coordination and agility – like with anything, practice makes perfect! Balancing on a bike takes effort, even if you don’t notice it meaning that in time, you’re sure to improve.
  4. Low-impact exercise – putting too much pressure on your joints can lead to problems later on in life. But cycling puts no pressure on your knees or ankles like running does making it the best option if you’re looking to take it easy on your joints.
  5. Burn more calories per hour – this is all dependent on where you ride your bike but it can be a more effective source of exercise. And because cycling is low impact, you are able to do it for longer meaning you’re more likely to burn more calories.
  6. Cycling can raise the level of endorphins in your body, making you happier and less prone to depression and anxiety.
  7. It also releases chemicals called endocannabinoids, which are believed to reduce inflammation throughout the body.
  8. Stamina and endurance improvement – once you’ve been cycling for a while, you’ll be able to notice more improvements in your fitness level. This means you’ll soon be able to cycle further and for longer periods of time, making an improvement on your general fitness and wellbeing.
  9. Simply getting back on a bike can help get the motivation flowing again! – once those endorphins start flowing, you’ll be more likely to want to get out there. So even if you’re feeling low energy or unenthusiastic by the idea of exercise, it’s good to push yourself and get moving! And if it’s energy you’re lacking, then why not bite into one of our delicious TREK Protein Flapjacks to feel energised and ready to take on the challenge!
  10. It costs nothing (once your bike is paid for, of course) – once you’ve got a bike, there’s no cost to use it! There might be some maintenance necessary from time to time but overall, it’s an inexpensive hobby that keeps you fit and healthy – what’s not to love?

In the end, whether you decide to hop on a bike or not, it is important to remember that the benefits of cycling can be enjoyed in so many ways. Whether it is your favorite way to get around town, or a way to stay active and healthy, or an easy way to save money on gas and parking and still get some fresh air, so many people are benefiting from cycling right now. It really is time to get back on the bike – so what are you waiting for?